Mozilla project – Proposal

I’ve just submitted my proposal this afternoon. So I guess I’ll upload it here, to remind me of what needs to be done (also as a link from our module’s wiki).



Description of Activity

This project is a one-semester project under the Mozilla-independent-work module (CS3108B). The project will enable me to familiarizing myself with the Mozilla community, and get a hand on various tools, technologies and programming languages involved in Mozilla-product development process. During the project, I will be contributing code to two Mozilla products (Firefox and Thunderbird), and documenting my work and experience on my blog. I will also be online on different IRC channel at irc:// to provide supports to other developers or users.

Blog URL:

My main objective in this project is fixing ‘non-trivial’ and/or ‘enhancement’ bugs.

Non-trivial’ bugs usually are issues that are important to an on-coming release version of the product(s). They require reasonable depth of knowledge in both the application platform and the application itself. This knowledge can be gained through reading code in Mozilla’s repository and some of its documentation, and most important, through interacting with developers in the community. This task is challenging because much of Mozilla code lacks documentation due to the huge repository size.

Enhancement’ bugs usually provide/correct desiring features that Mozilla’s users want in the next version. Therefore, a large number of users can benefit from the fixing of a bug belongs to this category.

To be specific, I plan to work on these bugs:

  • Bug 527472 (Firefox) Enhancement to Tab previews to support different language search, a new Firefox 3.6 feature.
  • Bug 350006 (Firefox) Enhancement to ensure favicons is displayed under Page Info section. Favicons are small, customized icons to allow users to easily distinguish pages under their bookmark folder.
  • Bug 538015 (Thunderbird) Minor bug to enable window position saving. Users want their windows to appear exactly the same place during last session of Thunderbird.
  • Bug 542705 (Thunderbird) Critical bug where account configuration in new version of Thunderbird doesn’t follow the security policy desired.

Working on an open-source project has always been one of my dream. This Mozilla-independent-work project will give me a good start on this field. I will try my best to fulfill my proposal during this semester. If these bugs above can be fixed on time, I can continue working on other bugs to contribute more to Mozilla community.



  1. J.D. said,

    February 6, 2010 at 8:07 pm

    hope your dream come true and ur project go well ❤

  2. February 13, 2010 at 6:18 pm

    […] Daniel Le Duc Khoi Nguyen (Libras2909) is fixing ‘non-trivial’ and/or ‘enhancement’ bugs. […]

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