Midterm presentation finished

Last week was a hard week. 3 midterm tests on 3 consecutive days. However, what worried me most was the Mozilla project’s midterm presentation. During the recess week, which coincidently fell on the same New Year holiday, little progress was observed.

After a long week of New Year holiday, I finally decided that something must be done, and it must be done quickly enough. More and more time was poured into fixing Bug 542705. Fortunately, work went more smoothly when I put all efforts into fixing the bug.

Finally, on Thursday early morning, I’ve been able to submit a patch for it. Unfortunately, I had to also write Mozmill tests for my patch. The process was quite painful (due to lack of documentation) and took most of the time. Eventually, the 3rd patch together with tests were submitted. Now I’m waiting for reviews from Blake (:bwinton). Later on the same day, I finished my midterm presentation. I was much more confident because of all the preparation I made earlier. Both professors are happy with my current progress. The only thing left is keeping the pace until the end of term.

Next week, I will be moving on to the next bug (Bug 527472). This is more of an enhancement than a bug. However, it promises that another interesting journey is about to begin…


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  1. Jessie said,

    March 12, 2010 at 5:19 am

    jia you
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