GSoC2010 Status Update: Week1

May 28, 2010

I have spent most of my first week on reading Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X (Aaron Hillegass). This book helps me a lot on familiarizing myself with Xcode, Cocoa, and (most important) Objective-C because it is my first time developing on Mac-platform. I’m currently on Chapter 8 and planning to finish the book soon.

My first goal was to open a QuickLook preview panel in a Cocoa application. It was easy to open once in a Cocoa application with the help of QLPreviewPanel class which was added to Mac OS X v10.6 and later. However, this method requires an Cocoa application with .xib file(s) while Cocoa support in Mozilla doesn’t use .nib (Mozilla UI is in XUL, and it is translated to Cocoa elements on Mac OS X through cocoa-widget). It was the reason I decided to work on a little experiment trying to open a QuickLook preview panel from a command-line application (which I believe is what Mac developers mean for “Tools”). This takes me a lot of time because a Cocoa application is not supposed to work the way you want without a decent .nib file (and also lacks of discussion on this matter). Eventually, I was able to make the panel appear, although the application went into an infinite loop soon after that, refusing to handle any key/mouse events. I will look more into this problem next week.

My small experiment takes me to Jeff’s “Working without a nib” series which gives insight about whether this approach is realistic and how it may be done correctly. I will go through his series next week because I think it may give me more clues on my problem.

Lastly, due to recent power loss, I have completely lost a few working days this week. Therefore, I will help to work extra time next week to catch up. Hope this situation improves soon!


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