GSoC2010 Status Update: Week 3

June 11, 2010

I started this week by trying out David’s tutorial on Linux and Mac. The tutorial compiled successfully on Linux (with a small additional step to the tutorial). If you’re following the tutorial on comm-central build, before building your component(s), you should “mkdir obj-tb-debug/mozilla/extensions/firstxpcom” (assuming you are at @TOPSRCDIR@). Then you will be able to do a “make” in obj-tb-debug/mozilla/extensions/firstxpcom to generate the header(s).

Unfortunately, the same process on Mac isn’t as successful. I had a hard time compiling a Thunderbird debug build using 10.6 SDK. Besides the burning tree, my usual .mozconfig doesn’t seem to work. However, with a sample .mozconfig from Nomis101, I finally had a working debug build. The next step is to compile my XPCOM component under this new build to make use of QLPreviewPanel class added in 10.6. My goal for next week is implementing some basic functionality for QuickLook in Thunderbird, starting with being able to open a QuickLook panel and display a single attachment preview.


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