GSoC2010 Status Update: Week 6

July 2, 2010

After version 1.0 of the extension is available for download, Simon has tested it with a few file formats:

  • RTF -> Works. Shows file icon instead of the preview (highly due to missing of a RTF QuickLook plugin).
  • PDF -> Works in most cases, but sometimes it crashes. If  the same PDF file is tried the next time, then it works. (Random crashes)
  • JPEG -> Works perfectly.
  • RAM (Real Player) -> Shows the icon (highly due to missing of a RAM QuickLook plugin).
  • MP4 -> Works in most cases, but sometimes it crashes. (Random crashes)
  • TXT -> Works.
  • HTML -> Works.

Several Apple logs collected shows that two functions are causing the problems, QlXpcom::Release() and QlXpcom::URLInDict().

However, QlXpcom::Release() should not be called while Thunderbird is still working. It is called only when Thunderbird is exiting. Thus, the crash should not occur at all while TB is still working. This may be due to instability in 10.6 SDK build. The crash in QlXpcom::URLInDict() is highly due to passing strings around in XPCOM. Moreover, Mozilla XPCOM is undergoing major changes. The new API changes the way how a XPCOM component registers itself. Because my extension makes use of  XPCOM component, I will have to make changes to conform to the new API. However, the tree is expected to be burning for the next few weeks, thus my performance will be greatly affected.

Next week I’ll be reading various Apple documentations on implementing AppleScript support in Cocoa application.


1 Comment

  1. Gary Kwong said,

    July 16, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    Hey Daniel, that’s some awesome work you’re doing. Keep it up! 😀


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